Stepping Forward

I was vey excited about getting down to the gym today. Coach had given me a list of new exercises to do as part of my strength conditioning. My back is getting so flexible that he has given me work to do on my core to stabilize it while I keep getting more and more flexible. I interspersed those with my back work this morning. I was excited when I did my first bridge because it felt really strong and open after Doc worked on me yesterday. I then did three kickovers in a row. The rest of my workout did not meet my expectation. I feel short on a lot as my rib caused a jabbing pain in my side.

I turned up to work with coach a little disheartened. We started on vault and I did five bad vaults and was very frustrated. Coach had a supportive word to me and I worked through it and finally hit my stride and did two of my best vaults to date. Progress amidst the rubble. I then spent the next two hours doing beam work. Cartwheels were just not happening but handstands are getting better and better which is very exciting for me.  We did turns and leaps and also some wok on Back Walkovers which is one of my next bis steps on beam. Even with the rub I was able to do a Back Walkover on floor and coach was ecstatic. We then did spotted back walkovers on beam and again coach was excited about the progress and now I have my mini beam I am going to be able to train that so the next block in March we will be doing that on the high beam.

Very excited to go and train tomorrow. I went down and got some more supplements and protein powder today to keep supporting my intensive workouts. Need to support my body as it takes me to Gold.  Off to rest and then off for an evening session. I love my life. Go Heoes!!!

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