Solid Performance

I stayed up this morning to watch the Team Finals at the World Gymnastics in Tokyo. Jordyn, Sabrina, Gabrial, Makayla and Ali did awesome as they won GOLD for the US. They were so calm and stuck almost their landings. There were no falls and they won by a large margin.

After that I was so excited I could not go back to sleep and finally got ready adn headed down the gym with coach. The energy was great and although I was a little tired I was ready. We started off on front handsprings and I am getting closer and closer to doing them by myself. I ddi 5 with coach spotting and then 5 with coach backup spotting. I still needed him but as he backs off the spot it will get to a point soon where he is not there at all. There is no fear, it is really now just cleaning up technique.

My Back Walkover is getting better. The challenge is mainly when my back is not warm and I need to do them. It just does not work. I still have a lot more conditioning to do so that I can lean back and put my hands on the ground any time day or night. I will get there. The first step was the conditioning to allow me to go back without fear. I am there. Now it is conditioning to have muscle memory.

The third big block to my floor routine is by Back Extension Roll. We now have a new strategy for that to assist in reprogramming the tracking in the arm. We will get this. I am not going to settle for writing off this technique. I will overcome it like everything else.

When I finally can get my Level 5 floor routine out of the way I can start my prep optional routine using Lady Gaga’s Born This Way as my floor music. So excited.

After the Front handsprings we then went to front tucks. I am very close to doing this on the floor now which is exciting. I am punching off the flooe into the put onto mats at pit height. Very soon.

We then went to bars where I got back into great form and we will be doing more soon and then went to do work on beam where I completed the first half of the routine and made all skills for the first time. We also worked on Front Tuck Dismounts and I did my best set ever as well and actually finished with a great stuck dismount. I LOVE this technique and cannot wait until I can do it off the beam all the time. This changes the game for me and makes beam so much more fun. So much of my beam is getting more comfortable and I can definitely see me doing Back Walkovers and Back Handsprings on the beam into the future.

Finished with leaps and jumps and turns on floor and put in more solid results. I love days like today. I may not be advancing rapidly but turning in solid performances is so exciting for me. Foundations are the Building Blocks of Success and to the US girls that means one thing. GOLD. Go USA. Go Heroes!!

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