So Close…….

I am finally back up and blogging. Today was an amazing day. For almost two years since I declared training for the Olympics I have been working on my back flexibility every day. Bridges and bridges and more bridges. Clicking as my back opens up more and more like it was as a Junior Elite. How time reduces flexibility. 

Over the last two years I had to work on a Front Limber Kickover which is where you go into a handstand then into a bridge and then kick straight back over with no hesitation. I have been working hard to do this as part of my Level 4 Floor Routine. I am already on Level 6 Beam, Bars and Vault but this was holding me back from moving on the Floor. (I am working on Level 6 Floor but have not completed all skills for 4 yet!)

This morning I went to L.A. Fitness to warm up before going to train with the best coach in the world.  My back was in fine form as I did my first Decaslinky!! That is a backbend with hands to the ground and then kicking over your head and then back and kickover and back and kickover just like a slinky ten times.  It was my best ever.

When I went to work with coach I was able to do ten Front Limber Kickovers as my back was so warm but just could not put it all together with my routine. It was exhausting however by Tuesday my back will be rested and I will be ready to complete this routine and move onto finishing Level 5 and then 6 and then we get into Optionals.

I love the life of a gymnast and pushing myself so much every day and learning so many distinctions about excellence. Thank you for following me and I look forward to sharing more on my journey for GOLD in London in 2012 in Women’s Gymnastics. As we say in my Cheer Squad. Go Heroes!!!

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