Path to Impossibility

I love Gymnastics because it is a quest for the impossible. I remember when I began training again two years ago on my path to Olympics and my back was so out of shape I could not even do a backbend or a kickover. The ideas of it was can I ever climb that mountain again like when I was a junior. A year ago I could just do it. Now I do 40-60 a morning. Since then I have been working on making it harder by going uphill with what I call upslinkies. Recently I had been pushing the envelope doing Upslinkies onto the one panel mat and was getting good but had never gone up two panel mats. Ten days ago I was able to start going up two occassionally. A week ago I went to test one the three panel mat and it felt months away.

Well this morning I felt great and was nailing everything even with the rib and decided to go for the three. I nailed the first one on the first attempt. OMG!!! I then did 3/5 What a difference. Ten days ago I thought three might be a major challenge now I have my sights on four panel mats. I know it is still a long way away but then miracles happen. What Upslinkies do is they increase my kick strength and open my upper back further so that when I come to do my normal back work on the floor it becomes effortless. I LOVE it.

I was working with coach today on Back Walkovers on beam and have started the pieces coming together. Now with my minibeam there is a direct and realistic change that by the time I return to work with coach in March this technique will be working on the beam with coach barely spotting. Amazing. It takes so much discipline to go after these techniques and knowing that ‘Once Impossible, Now Easy’. Back Walkovers are the lead in to Back Handsprings on beam and that to me is where we start talking major skills. There is a big skill jump to being doing back handsprings on beam and this separates the pack and moves me into Level 7 which is Optional routines.

I also worked with coach on Back Tucks. This technique is one I was doing 2 years ago but hurt my knee REALLY badly and it slowed me down for 18 monts. I was back doing it with coach on the floor spotting but it will not be long before I am doing them again down at the gym without coach spotting. Eventually this skill will also go to the beam.

I also got to work on Front Handsprings this morning as well which has twisted my knee 7 times. Today we were doing them on the floor and getting closer and closer to not needing coach. It will be a while yet but the fear has gone and I am attacking the technique. Eventually I will be doing Front Handspring – Front Tuck on beam at higher levels. Talk about the need for precision.

Also worked on Front Tucks as well and am doing it off the springboard and it is coming together. Soon will be off the floor and then as part of the level 6 Floor routine. I was also doing Back Handsprings which are getting better and I will break through this as well. Little distinctions are coming together.

Overall it was an amazing day and it is under Episode #120 if you want to see the footage although it may be a couple of weeks before the footage is in BobbieSue.TV

I also went to work with Doc (Dr Michelle Binkowski) who is my incredible chiropractor and she was working very deep into the muscles, breaking up scar tissue which will allow me to do even better tomorrow. Now she has a much better feel for this area we are going in a with a lot more with elbows deep into the tissue. It hurts but I know the benefits on the othe side and am so looking forward to training tomorrow and am expecting even more breakthroughs. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!!

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  1. Wow! Bobbie-Sue!!! How can it get better than this??!! I know that you have many more goals and I just want to say that you are doing such an AWESOME job! Good to see that you balancing things out so well and looking after your muscle tissue. So important is the world of athletic sports… Go Heroes! xxx

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