One Step Back, Three Leaps Forward

After hurting my foot and beginning to work on my off side of my body I found my body kept rotating and progress was grinding to a halt not only that it felt dangerous. After Doc came and watched me train I learned a lot about where the challenges I was facing. As a result I had to return to the basics of hand position and focus on shoulder position, rotation etc. It felt VERY uncomfortable after conditioning so many on the other way.

Well it appears now that I have made excellent progress. I had five Breakthroughs Before Breakfast this morning including some really important ones and now I am ready to get back on my complete schedule for back flexibility ie beam slinkies. I began work on other skills like Upslinkies and my off leg which I will do but I can cut back on these now and get back to Back Walkovers in preparation for the beam.

Coachng can sometimes seem frustrating or even painful to take but oh what a couple of days make. Back on a rapid skill acquistion phase and watching myself just get better and better. I love doing a backbend and watching as my hands are getting closer and closer towards my feet. I am sure it will not be long before I can see my feet and then maybe a year before I can reach back and touch them, like my angel Marina.

I made a little more progress on the Sidesplits and a lot of it is just going to be ongoing conditioning. I held my legs for the first time and allowed myself to rest on my head. This avoids the hands propping up the body. I still have a long way to go to have the sidesplits automatically but at least continual execution will get there over time.

2010-12-13 Side splits

I am looking forward to training more with coach tomorrow and even though the toe is not perfect it is nice to have the back on track again and when the toe is healed watch out. Big things afoot. Go Heroes!!

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