One Short

I went to train with coach this morning and we had planned to do my Level 5 Floor Routine with coach spotting the Front Handspring and the Back Extension Roll. I first started working on Back Walkovers for the beam. I did a couple on the floor and then did some being spotted by coach but was just not at the same level as Wednesday when I was doing them on the beam. My back is opening up but it is not always consistent.

We then started the work on the floor routine. I did five front handsprings spotted by coach and then five back extension rolls spotted by coach. I kept working through all the different parts of the routine and then finally it was time. I started preparing to do the entire routine. I began and got to the front handspring and coach spotted me and I was up and able to continue. I kept going and got through the back extension roll and then came the back walkover. By this time in the routine was very tired and barely made it over. I then went for the final tumbling pass of Round Off-2 Back Handsprings and I completed the Round Off before I ran out of energy. I was so close.

I then did the routine a second time and was able to complete the roundoff and one back handspring before running out of energy. Coach insisted that I do more cardio so that I can maintain it over the entire routine. I have so much to train already and now I get to add more cardio into my routine.

I am so proud of all the work I have done so far and I can see that it will not be long before I get to complete this routine and then get to work on my prep optional routine using Lady Gaga’s Born This Way as my floor music. Sometimes you fall short of your goals. Even though I did not complete the routine today I made massive progress. I am so looking forward to keep getting better. Go Heroes!!



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