Off to a Rocky Start

I was so excited to go to the gym this morning and work out. I took my minibeam with me and was there when it was opened. I got to work I can tell my body is not in alignment and I was not able to see Doc for the last week after all the intensive training with coach I am putting a lot of pressure on my body with all the giants on bars and tumbling on the floor and stretching down at LA Fitness. I had lots of sleep so strength was not an issue but with my body so twisted I finally kicked over on the fourth attempt. Hmm that means I am very twisted. I know my back is flexible right now it is a case of my body fighting against my body when it is not in alignment.

I then went and started working on slinkes. I did a quad slinky, a pentaslinky and an octoslinky which is a great start to the new year. I then began work on Kickovers off my weak leg and this is where I had a challenge My body was so twisted that when I went to bridge my body felt very contorted as a result it put a lot of strain on the spine and ribs and On the 9th Kickover I think I either pulled a muscle or refractured on of my ribs. I can feel that familiar stabbing feeling I have not had for months and it scares me a little.

I kept training and did 5/5 Front Limber Kickovers which were fantastic and then did work on handstands. I did lots of awesome handstands even with the rib and then did jumps on my beam. This is going a great area for me to focus on. Then after Straight Jumps and Tuck Jumps I then worked on sidesplits and forward splits both ways. I need to get these for my jumps and leaps in higher levels.

Just frustrating to be hurting so early into the new year. I am going to pushing hard this year and at 21 with age against me and all the new skills I need to aquire I need to make sure I can train injury free as muh as possible but know that it is a possibility. I am off to ice, rest and cry and then mentally prepare to go down and train again tomorrow.

Every day is an adventure and as long as I can keep my eye on the prize then I can remember the adage…This took will pass…….Go Heroes!!!

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