In Top Form

I have been reviewing my performance over the last month and it is amazing to see the progress I am making. My body is in best form it has been since I began training on Aug 14, 2008. My knee is in the best shape. My ribs are strong and healed. The separated ribs are causing no pain AND I am still breaking records and pushing further forward every day. This morning I did my first Quadslinky on my off leg. This is still a miracle and it was 7 weeks ago I could not even do one. What a difference consistent conditioning makes. Everyone I did thi morning was smooth and flowing as well. It is great to see my body getting more and more balance. Even though I was pushing my boundaries the ribs held strong.

I also go my best on the new Rockerbridge where I go back into a bridge and then rock back and forth. What this does is allows the body to get more familiar of moving in and out of complete extension and over timethe body will adapt and be able to move to full extension effortlessly. This is tough on my shoulders but vital with the Back Walkovers and later Back Handsprings on the beam. I then did five Beam Slinkies-Back Walkovers-Front Limber Standups all in good form which as a personal best and then did a beam slinky onto the beam and pushed through my shoulders. Ten more of those and my body was feeling it.

I then went onto handstands. It is amazing the difference I am getting in my handstands. All the conditioning work has definitely paid off. It is much easier for me to get into handstand position now. I am also working on the press handstands to assist me with beam work. I did my best set this morning and I know it is going to accelerate as I keep going. I am loving all this work and will assist me reaching my goal of 100 steps on my hands and eventually being able to be in a handstand for five minutes.

I was talking recently with a friend who said Bobbie-Sue you are looking so good. I went back and saw photos of my when I was just Captain of the Heroes Cheerleaders. I was in great form but it is a far cry from Gymnastics Form. When I went and compared the footage it blew me away. i have lost so much more off my waist and my abs are getting more and more ripped without even doing any ab focused work. Look forward to another years to get to the Olympic Standard I need to be. Check this out.

Bobbie-Sue In Gymnastics Shape

Bobbie-Sue In Gymnastics Shape

I have 12 more sessions with coach and have a lot to accomplish in that time. I will keep blogging over the next weeks as I move closer and closer to my dream of competing for GOLD at the Olympics for the US. It is getting tougher and tougher to make the level I need but I am pouring everything I can into it every Day. And today is another great day. Go Heroes!!


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