I Love Breakthrough Days!!

After a great day with coach yesterday and seeing Doc (Dr Michelle Binkowski) I was sooo looking forward to training this morning. Doc did a lot of work unlocking muscle on my right side over my ribs and getting deep into the scar tissue. There is a lot of it and it has glued up my side and means I have all this crunching every morning and keeps my spine rotating.

I so wish I could film down at LA Fitness but they have issues. This morning I got down there at 6:30 and went to work. I almost kicked over on the first bridge but decided to wait until the second. What this tells me is the back is getting conditioned so it requires less stretching now to do basic kickovers. I think it might be another month o two and I should be able to do kickovers immediately ANYWHERE. Tehehe. Watch Out. Then it will be slinkies everywhere.

I then went straight to Level 2 Upslinkies. I decided after yesterday to bypass off the 1 panel mat and go straight to two. I did 5/5 and then did 5/5 on Level 3. OMG such massive progress. In a week I am going after Level 4 to see how it feels. This progress is amazing.

I then did 5 Front Limber Kickovers beautifully as part of the routine followed by 6 Tumbleweeds (Front Limber Stand Ups) Then I did five beautiful Back Walkovers as part of the routine as well. It is just amazing watching the progress and how effortless it is becoming. Just a while ago all these skills were dream like and on my wish list from Santa and now they truly are easy.

I then worked onĀ Slinkies on the beam. I did backbends onto the beam but just did not have the confidence to kick over yet. Slinkies are off both feet. Back Walkovers are off one (more balance required). Soon. I should have done 5 on the floor first. When I did thatĀ I made huge progress and got 3/5 over. Soon this too will be become automatic and give me so much more confidence on the beam.

After that I worked on handstands and the beam handstands were mediocre but it is a starting point for me to get my hands on my mini beam and train. I know huge progess is inevitable with focused training and tracking all progress.

After I worked on the sidesplits. I did great progress and did my personal best there. It is really great to visualize myself getting down and then getting to a point where I can stay down and then go into the splits without a lot of warming up. It is inevitable and necessary or what I need to do for Level 6 where I need to do 180 degree splits in the air.

Working on SideSplits

I was sharing with some of my friends down the gym and my goal is to get better every day in every way. Bernie who is 77 said Bobbie I am just working at not sliding the other way. (He works out 6 days a week). I ended up the day with 8 Breakthroughs Before Breakfast. I love starting the day this way.

I feel so blessed and look forward to reflecting in a years time when everything I am doing is so effortless and obvious that I have difficulty fathoming I was challenged by it. Who knows what tomorow has in store. All I know is I am excited. Go Heroes!!!

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