How the Tears Floweth

I had an amazing day yesterday training with coach and was expecting today to be another great today. I woke up at 3:40am and got ready and went down to LA Fitness in San Carlos to warm up for an hour. My body was in good form and I did multiple Triple Back Walkovers.

I finally started with coach and did my first Quadslinky at the gym followed by my first Quad Back Walkover at the gym. I was so excited. I then did work on Back Walkovers on beam. I did a couple of good ones and then we moved onto tumbling. I started off with Round Offs and Round Off Back Handspring and RO-2BHS. Coach kept saying faster, tighter Bobbie. I then started working on Round Off, Back Handspring and Back Tuck. Coach wants me to do it into the foam pit but I am just not comfortable and just kept making mistakes and finally big a back tuck and hit my hard on the side of the pit.

Coach then had me doing Back Tucks and Layouts on the tumble track. They were lousy as well. I then did two series of five back handsprings in a row followed by doing some back handsprings on the floor. Coach spotted me on the floor and the aim is for me to do series on the floor rather than just doing it on the tumble track. I then did some good standing back tucks on the tumble track before coach going to spot me on the floor but considering how my body was responding we cut them short.

I went to bars and just could not do a really good job there either. Coach cut that short as I was making no progress either. We spent the last half an hour on bars and again nothing was working. I could not stick a turn, horrible handstands and fell on all cartwheels. Coach finally said ‘Well Go Home!!” I turned and walked back to the bag to pack it crying. Coach said. Bobbie I am not disappointed with your tumbling. I am not disappointed in anything you have done. But if you walk out with 15 minutes to go. I will be disappointed. Quitters NEVER win Bobbie. I then went back and kept drilling skills and fell on everything and I mean everything. I was crying while working away heartbroken because it was such a terrible day. I knowe there are going to be days like this and it is frustrating when I am so healthy and I also understand a lot of it is conditioning my body to train so early on a regular basis.

I will overcome this as this too shall pass and I will keep working on my way to GOLD. Back focusing on success. Go Heroes!!

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