How Good Can We Get

I never cease to be amazed by how my back keeps getting better and better. I remember when I could barely do a back bend and now ten back walkovers in a row are a nice warmup. My best is 25 in a row and I am sure I will be able to blow through that as well. Now I am working on doing Back Walkovers on the beam my shoulders are having to open a lot more which is greatly assisting in opening up the upper back. I regularly do back bends onto the beam now and push through and count for 60 seconds. I can feel that it will not be long before I am going to be able to beam slinkies at the gym and then eventually Back Walkovers by myself.

I was speaking to coach the other day about it and he said he can definitely see it as well. I know I will be doing Back Walkovers and Back Handsprings on the beam within the next year. It is a given considering how much my back is opening up. Doc said I am going to able to train at 100% for at least another 9 more years before age will begin to catch up with me. That is so exciting. I am wondering how good I am going to be able to get.

I am wondering how flexible is my back going to get as I keep drilling it and keep working on opening my ribs, my abs and my shoulders. Life is so amazing. Go Heroes!!

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