Disappointment and Regret

A couple of days ago I was stretching down at LA Fitness and my body was really twisted as I had not had a chance to visit my chiropractor Doc. I pushed really hard and refractured my lower rib. I had finally got to the point where I was healthy, my knee was strong and suddenly I am back in care again. It is so frustrating and the tears flowed.

Doc adjusted me yesterday and untwisted me but did not realease all the muscles around the rib to protect it. This morning I got up and felt good. I was supposed to be training with coach at 6.30 to 9.30 and went to LA Fitness at 5am to stretch before hand. I was doing great and was releasing all the tightness and gradually the pain of rub resurfaced. I had done a bridge and then three clean kickovers and then did three upslinkies but stopped because I new that if I trained with coach in the cold of the very early morning with the rub I would have problems so I did what I hate doing and that is to cancel my time with coach. Every time I have trained with him and been really frustrated, sad or hurt it just complicated so it was time to head off to bed and cry……

Having just got up and having gone forĀ a walk outside I realized what a beatiful day it is so I am going to rest and can’t wait to play full out with coach tomorrow. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Go Heroes!!!!

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