Conditioning Builds Stamina

I have been working on my back flexibility now for two years to get it back in shape like it was a Junior Elite 9 years ago. It has been coming back gradually and at the moment I have whole new dynamic opening up in my middle back allowing me to do back Walkovers even easier. Over the conditioning I have been doing in recent months my back feels great. Coach and I are laying the ground work for Back Walkovers-Back Handspring on the beam. So today we did a total of forty back walkovers speeding up the back process of getting my hands to the ground. Love it so much.

We then sat down and had a discussion about our progression. We have been doing lots of different techniques but not focused on completeing the routines. We were working on some Level 5, some Level 6 and a handful of Level 7. Coach said Bobbie-Sue I think we need to focus on this Level 5 floor so we can move past it and be entirely onto Level 6. I think that is where this journey should go. Yes coach.  I was a little sad because I love doing more advanced techniques but also happy that we get to complete Level 5 Floor and then get that trophy and the all around. Level 4 Floor took me a long time to get through because of the back flexibility not being adequate.

There are three techniques that are really stopping me from doing a good level 5 Floor Routine and they are Back Walkover, Front Handspring and Back Extension Roll. Of these the Back Walkover is almost a given now and I just have to speed it up. The Front Handspring has been a challenge because it is where I hurt my knee so many times. We started working on that today and did it on the tumble track which was great. We went to the floor and I was struggling and coach suggested he put the springboard there. I suggested we didn’t need it to which he replied ‘We will be using the springboard Bobbie’. Of course we are. How dare I question my coach. My job is not to question it is to perform in excellence. Doubting the coach cost Aliya Mustafina Gold at the American Cup. We ended up making some huge progress and I think we are going to be able to blow through this soon enough and put this behind me especially with my back opening up so much.

We then went to Back Extention Roll andmade modifications to allow for the shoulder which was having problems and having doing some of them we went through the entire routine in preparations to compete it tomorrow.  Near the end coach said Ok lets to the Swing Kick, Back Walkover combination. Normally once my back has cooled down for an hour it takes 15 minutes of stretching to be able to get back into form. Well I stretched for 3 minutes and was able to do it again which means huge progress. So excited.

Overall was a great day and I love the way my body is responding and now so much more is going to start happening as I condition it more and more because Conditoning Builds Stamina!!! Go Heroes!!

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