Click Click Click

I went down to train at LA Fitness this morning and got to train for 3.5 hours. My back has just not been feeling in top form for the last ten days because I have not got to use my mini beam which really opens my back up. I took it down this morning and after some other warm up techniques I set up the mini beam and did my first beam back bend and suddenly click-click-click. Ahhh my back jsut fully opened. Now I realize why some of the other skills were not going as well as normal because the back was partially closed. I will be interested to see the next week and it also tells me the difference between my back fully open and partially open.

I did my best set on the mini beam and held all ten for a count of 70 each. My shoulder was a little tender from all the back bending work but oh it felt good. I then worked on handstands. I am now moving to a double stag switch. This is where I do a handstand go into stag position, switch leg into the other stag position and then go back to the first leg and then the other again. I did not make any ie 0/10 but was close on two. It will not be long before this is my new normal. I love it.

My split leaps are coming nicely as well. Now I training them each morning I do 10 sets of 2 leaps. I am thinking of increasing it to three or four leaps to push my body as well. I have plenty of space on the floor so might take advantage of it.

Another four breakthroughs today after 3.5 hours of training. It is hard work but I love seeing the small incremental improvements. I get to train with coach for eight more times before I leave including tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what I can achieve. Loving progress. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!

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