Change of Direction

Thanks to rebreaking my rib yesterday due to my body being twisted I had to have a hard look this morning about what I was going to do. Part of me was like go back to bed but I knew there is no way I could face the rest of the day without training so I was down at the gym at 7am. I felt much better after I had showered and got to LA Fitness I started working on my back. Sure enough the familiar pains started coming back after doing three kickovers.

I had to decide what to do. My usual plans were totally derailed as if I kept pushing my back I could do further injury. I therefore started work on handstands. I did some great handstands and then began working on beam handstands and side handstands using my minibeam that coach got for me for Christmas. It took me a while to get a feel for it but one I did it began to work. I only had one sary moment because even though it is a low beam directly below it is concrete. Not good to connect with fae or wrists.

I then did some side handstands and they were OK and I certainly know I will be able to do a lot more going forward to the point I fall totally in love with them and they are like kickovers.

I also did some work on the sidesplits and am back pushing my edge again. It is going to be a gradual process and a lot more than I would like, so I need to be patient and keep doing it every day.

Overall it was a  solid mornings performance. I had five breakthroughs mainly in using the new minibeam coach gave me. I can now see dramatic improvements in this area going forward which will be great to allow me to work on back walkovers on the beam with a real beam. The good thing about gymnastics is there is always something to work on.

I will breathe….let my body do some healing…see Doc tomorrow and keep working around the injury until it heals again. Oh well. Go Heroes!!

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