Breakthrough Days

I love breakthrough days. Coach had requested that I do Back Walkovers this morning and so I was up at 4am to be down at LA Fitness in San Carlos. I warmed my back up and then went down with coach. I was doing the Back Walkovers and they were OK and then I decided to test something. I decided to do it as fast as I could. Bam it worked. I did a couple more and I was able to feel the difference of the speed. I then did Front Handsprings. I was able to do 6 great ones in a row and they were feeling great. Then I did a couple that were not as good and finally finished out the ten.

My Front Tucks were quickly up to standard and equal to my best. Coach wanted me to do them on the floor but I just not quite there yet but with ongoing practice I will be there very shortly.

We then went to bars where coach set the benchmark high. He wrote on the whiteboard flyaways. Yes!!! I did all the prelim and flipped the first flyaway into the pit and then asked if I could flip the second onto the mat. He said yes Bobbie. I believe in you. I did the first flyaway and stuck it. Coach was happy. The second one I did in even better form and stuck it and he was ecstatic. So it looks like I will be doing lots more flyaways in the future. I love them.

I then went to beam and did a lot of beam fundamentals and finally onto beam tuck dismounts. I did them into the pit and they went well and then coach had me doing it off the full size beam. It took me a while but I started landing them and ended up doing some really nice ones. I love doing beam dismounts. It just adds to the difficulty and moves beam up until another whole level.

Overall it was a great day and cannot wait to train again!!

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