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Wow what a couple of days. I forgot to take  my camera yesterday to train with coach which was frustrating because I knew big things were up. We did our Level 6 Vault and began flipping it from the beginning. We were making great progres and then coach put these giant wedge shaped mat between the springboard and the vault table so I had to go higher in good form. Kinds freaky weird but over I went. Coach rocks. Made a lot of progress. Our goal is to keep tightening this vault and then we start working on the same vaule with a full twist. To do the full twist I need to be tight form like a layout.

We next made massive progress on Front Handsprings. We carried on from the setup coach had the day before where we put all these large blocks and then did the front handspring off that onto matting at a lower level. The other day I was able to flip these consistently in good form which is what coach needed so yesterday we did more in great form and then we gradually added another mat and coach let me loose. I made it multiple times then he added another mat to bring it up almost to floow height. I started making them by myself as well. one of the biggest challenges of this technique is getting the body shape which is counter intuitive.

We then did more work on Back Extension Roll. I have been working on my Level 5 Floor Routine for ages now and there has been three major blocks. 1) Back Walkovers. These I can do when my back is warmed about 96.76% of the time. Can be tighter but not an issue blocking us anymore. 2) Front Handspring. I had twisted my knee seven times doing this technique and it severely put me back in so many areas. No I am approaching doing it on the floor. So within 2 weeks this should be moving into conditioning rather than having the body understand the technique like it is now. 3) Back Extension Roll. This is a challenge becausr my shoulder still has some issues. It is getting better through certain exercise drills but having problems on the floor. This is now the biggest block and something I get to focus on.

After those I moved onto Front Tucks. Nailed five of those. Coach was ecstatic. Then standing Back Tucks. I did both of these on the TumblTrak with the additional padding. Next it will be to the floor. I finished with a mediocre bar routine and was down on myself but in reality I did awesome!!

Afterwards coach was saying, Bobbie your tucks are fantastic. I asked him when can we take the Front Tuck and Back Tuck back to the floor. He said next week. He said he will spot initially but I am so strong I will be able to do it by myself very shortly. He then said we will be working soon on Front Handspring Stepout Front Handspring [L6] and then Front Handspring Stepout Front Tuck [L7] and then Front Tuck Front Tuck [L8]. He said I will need that to be doing Front Tuck on the beam for Level 8 Beam.

Today I went down to LA Fitness to do my conditioning work and my body felt great with lots of sleep. After my initial stretches I could feel my chest opening more with the recent adjustments of Doc and the massage work from Heather. Wow. I went to do my first technique and then did a Sextoslinky as my first warmup, followed by an Elvaslinky (11) . This is the first time I have ever had the strength to do 11. Up until now I have done 10 three times. I can see now at some point doing Femtoslinky (15) and more. Hmm Possibilities. (I do not latin above 10 so I am using Swedish) (11-Elva, 12-Tolva, 13-Trettio, 14-Fjorta, 15-Femto, 16-Sexton. 17-Sjutto, 18-Orta, 19-Nittio, 20-Tju)

I did some other techniques and even thought the handstands were good they were not record breaking and it was not until I got to Handstand Walks that the next mega breakthrough. My highest average has been 15.3 steps per walk. Today I felt great. I did a 19 walk then soon after a 38, a 32 and a 34 walk for a total of 203 or 20.3 steps per walk or a 33% increase in performance.  Incredible and I can feel walks of 40-50 coming up soon. My goal is to get to 100 steps and walk the full length of the space available.

It is amazing feeling all these breakthroughs. So many. Looking forward to tomorrow where I get even better. Go Heroes!!!

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