Bam: Out of the Park!!

I love it when the pieces just keep coming together. After lots of breakthroughs yesterday I decided today was going to be another awesome day of progress. I went in and started stretching. Initially I was relectant to go for it all out but made a commitment to go for a Sexto slinky and see if I could go further. Well I did an Octoslinky as my first technique. Now an Octoslinky used to be my Holy Grail that OMG if I can do that it will be the best ever. To make it my first technique in the morning just blows me away. It will not be long before I am doing a Decaslinky to warm up each morning. Wow!!

Next I did Double Slinkies using my off leg. 5 weeks ago I could not even do one using my off leg and here I am doing four Doubles and just fell short of a Triple slinky using my off leg. If will not be long before I am doing multiple Quadslinkies using the off leg and beyond.

I then did 5 perfect Upslinkies (L-2) but my separated rib was causing stress so I decided to wait and then focus on handstands. My first set was UGLY!! once I was warm however I was able to do 7/10. I have never done that many counting to 2z. Huge progress. I then did mediocre piroutte handstands before going for beam handstands. Again the first set was mediocre and I then went for it again and got my best ever of holding it to a count of z. That is going to start making a huge difference on the beam in holding a handstand.

My handstand walks were average today and then I decided to test doing part of the press handstands. This is where you start with hands on the ground and then using feet on the ground, kick up and going through the sidesplits bring the feet into a perfect handstand. I am going to need this for handstands on the bars so I decided to go for it. First srt, good foundation, second set stronger, third set stronger, fourth set glimpes of excellence and on the fifth set I made one up into perfect handstand position and counted to z. Now I have a whole new benchmark. Absolutely incredible.

I finished up doing some kicks and also doing coupe and passe walks. I need to do more of this to assist my turns. I used to do these for a while and then stopped. I am going to be changing my routine a little and doing less of each technique and doing more different techniques. I really want it back to four hours every day or five when working with coach.  I have so much more conditioning to get my body into elite shape. I am on the right track though. Go Heroes!!!!

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