Bam! Breakthroughs

I mentioned in previous posts about getting into the Breakthrough Zone where a combination of conditioning and skill acquisition have kicked in where breakthroughs are about to happen. The last couple of days have been incredible. I have been working on slinkies as my warm up technique for a while now so I stretch out my back using the cobra pose and then go straight into a slinky (band bend-Kickover) I was doing one and then increasing the number. For a while I was able to 1,3,5 meaning a slinky then triple slinky and then pentaslinky. This has now changed. A couple of days ago I did my a single slinky folllowed by a pentaslinky followed by a decaslinky. I have only ever done three of those in my life as they are so exhausting on my body and now to be doing it as the third technique in the morning is so incredible.

I then started work on slinkies using my off foot. If you read earlier posts you will know that just over a month ago, this was impossible for me and when I had gone for it, I had hurt myself. Well I am now doing double slinkies with the off leg and on the verge of doing Quad slinkies. I still have some technical aspects to work on but they are getting better. Once the technical aspect of foot placement is improved it should be bam over and over. I love it.

Then I worked on my Combo (See earlier posts) and was able to do three in a row in perfect form and then decided to go for a double combo and sure enough I nailed it perfectly. To go from a single to a double combo is to double the already five techniques making it almost like a decaslinky because of the ten different back moves.

I did some more work on handstands which are getting stronger and stronger and then began working onĀ  my Handstand walking. It was awesome out of the gate when I did a 25 step walk already beating my personal best. From there it got even better. Over half the walks were 20+ steps and I did my first ever 30 step walk. Now my basic handstand is so solid, this is a huge step because it allows much more sense around balance, motion and weight adjustments which will be critical for the beam and handstand pirouettes.

I am now training with coach 11 days over the next three weeks and cannot wait to see the incredible results I am going to get. I am loving my life, loving Kenny and loving my Heroes. Go Heroes!!!!

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  1. Wow Bobbie-Sue!!! I am loving your huge successes – in such a short space of time. Great work and look forward to more post. Andrew -x-

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