Back on Track

After not training with coach yesterday and allowing my rib to heal I was up at 5am and down at LA Fitness at 6am training. I did three strong kickovers followed by five upslinkies off the one panel mat and then five up the two panel mat. This was actually the second best I had ever done even taking into account the sore rib. What that tells me is I am on the verge of some huge progress. I also did five Front Limber Kickovers effortlessly. The upslinkies make such a difference to opening up the back.

I then went and trained with coach. We started on vault and it took a little while before they were clicking but I did some of my best vaults to date and was consistent which is great. We then went to work on bars and started working on giants. We went to casting and did some of the best and tightest casts close to 45. It is great watching it get stronger and higher because eventually I will be going to handstand as part of Level 7.

Coach and I then sat down and talked about conditioning and strength training. He gave me a long list of things to work on to improve my core strength to reduce the twisting as my back gets more and more open. He told me I have to do that before I do my back training so I have a big incentive to get to my mack work which I love.

We finished on beam and did some ok work on beam and a lot of it is just time on the beam. We did a lot of leaps and turns. There is nothing like being on the apparatus. Overall it was another solid day of training and my rib is doing great meaning that tomorrow I get to push really hard at tumbling and everything else planned.

I finished by going to Doc and she did lots of musclework on my shoulder, and adjustments. My back is feeling strong and straight and I am so looking forward to getting down there and having an amazing day. Go Heroes.

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