Anticipation Building

I have been spending a couple of days taking it easy to let my rib heal so that when I train with coach again in a couple of days we can go full out. The rib is coming along nicely. This morning I did my usual back stretching again and I could not feel anything from the rib which is great. I did my three kickovers followed by 6/10 Upslinkies (2) and then 5/5 FLKO and4/5 BWO.

This was good progress and lets me know I can push even harder coming up on Friday. Then I went to handstands and made some great progress on Handstand Pirouettes and then on beam handstands I know there is a long way to meet my goals. The progress consists of lots of little steps. When I am in that handstand the form is looking solid which is great. I did my longest beam handstand ever today. I count through the alphabet and got to 2C (once I get to Z I start again!!)

I am training with coach in five days and am so looking forward to it. With the rib fully healed and the knee solid I am planning to be doing front tumbling on the floor as well as doing Round Off-Back Handspring-Back Tuck on the floor. I LOVE spending time with coach and these long stretches are just frustrating but they allow me to heal and come back stronger.

I recently received my cover for American Cheerleading after we won the National Championships for the third time in a row.

I am also taking a lot of great supplements for Muscle Growth and Muscle Recovery which is allowing me to train longer and have better performance throughout the entire training time. I can see me getting to a point where I will be able to hold much longer handstands soon as I keep learning more and more distinctions.

Life is fabulous and it just keeps getting better…..Go Heroes!!

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