A Breath Away

Wow. Wow. Wow. I went down to LA Fitness today and had 7 hours sleep so I knew my body was going to be feeling strong. I warmed up and then decided to go for the record of 12 slinkies. The best until now was 11 and that was after doing a warmup set before it. It felt right and off I went. I got to the 6th slinky and turned around to do the second set. I got to 9 and could really feel I was going to make it. I got to 10 then 11 and finally came up after 12 and o my god. Amazing. What blew me away was how effortless it really was and how much my back continues to get better and stronger.

I then did my beam combos where I do a beam slinky (on floor) followed by 2 BWO then handstand, pirouette and then front limber standup. I did 5 sets and they were the best, fastest and strongest ever. It was an incredible feeling having those Back Walkovers going back so fast and strong.  Next I went for off slinkies using my weak side. I did 5 triple slinkies which showed me how good my back really is considering I had not done any using my off leg for ten days. I need to work on foot placements and kick strength off this leg and then I can start doing slinkies using alternating legs which will be awesome because Back Walkovers using the off leg comes next. In fact I will make sure I drill those in Australia until they become natural as well.

Next came Beam Backbends. My back felt great by this point and I almost contemplated going for the kickover. This technique when I did it on the floor was brutal if you did not have the strength to kick over and I almost hurt myself a number of times. So I thought rather than go over I would just keep pushing hard and squeezaing so when i do go over I am solid at it. As I went along I got better and more flexible and actually bent back into position on top of my hands which is critical to do it in one smooth motion. I can feel it. It will not be long before I am ready to go over.

I then went to do handstands. I count in my head and I decided to raise the bar to 5Z from 4Z. THe first two were mediocre but then I did one and another and another and another. I ended up with 4/10 a huge breakthrough. My strength in this position keeps getting better and better and tighter.  After this I went for bar handstands using my grips. Feels very different and needs to be done in correct handgrip. I got used to it and held my longest handstand up to ‘T’ which is great. I look forward to getting to the point where I am doing 5 or more to Z. It is coming I can feel it.

Press Handstands were the onyl thing I did not have a breakthrough on today. They just were not as strong today. I forgave myself for all the other breakthroughs. I then did jumps, dips and pull ups and keep improving in all areas. I finished with Leg Extensions. I put it up to 90 lbs and then did my first set of 16 then realized I had increased it to 100 lbs my mistake. I finished it off at 100 Lbs. My goal is to get it up to 150 lbs and doing 24 of 5 sets. My legs have always been one of my greatest assets and now it is to reactivate the spring and leap ability I had when I was younger. I could grab a basketball ring when I was a Junior Elite even though I was 5’3″ back then. Would be great to get back there.

So much success and so much more to come. Loving Life. Go Heroes!!!

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